HI! I'm Kayla, the owner here at EddieLynn & Co. As a mom of two, I found myself on the hunt for a slumber sack that was not only functional and safe but also adorable.  I could not find what I was looking for and it set me on a journey to create the perfect slumber sack...the result is EddieLynn & Co. I designed my slumber sacks with three things in mind – comfort, durability and the ability to keep my kids in clothes just a bit longer as they grew, reducing the amount of clothes I had to buy for them.

My slumber sacks have many great qualities.  They are made from 95% bamboo.  Why bamboo?  l have always loved the buttery soft feel of bamboo fabric and it is also a material that won't pill after many washes (something we all find ourselves doing more often with baby and kid's clothes). Bamboo is a sustainable material making these pieces eco-friendly as well.  My slumber sacks are also designed with extra-long length so they will grow with your kiddo! I know my kids grow so fast and I often felt as soon as I purchased an article of clothing, they had already outgrown it!  Designing these pieces to grow with my kids was a must. 

After my first launch with the Deep Sea Slumber Sacks- the feedback was amazing! Many customers requested a lot of the items you can now find throughout my website! The growth EddieLynn & Co. has experienced has truly made me feel so grateful!

Let’s talk designs.  When looking for sleepwear for my kiddos, I had a hard time finding designs I loved.  Everything was either too girly or too boy themed.  There was not a lot of variety of clothes that were more gender neutral or didn’t just scream boy or girl.  Who says girls can’t love sea animals as much as boys do – or camping or dinosaurs?  I wanted to create collections my wild and adventurous son and daughter would love. All of the artwork you find here at EddieLynn & Co. was created with love by another extremely talented mama. I love supporting women and mama owned businesses! 

I hope you love what I have created as much as I do.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have – email me at info@eddielynnco.com.