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Floral & Fauna Blanket/ Swaddle

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Our blanket is buttery soft! Perfect for swaddling and snuggling. Our blanket size is 47x47 inches. Our blankets are single layer, to benefit babies and toddlers! Benefits to having a swaddle thats larger, allows for a more snug fit. It also allows for the use of the swaddle blanket to be used longer. The swaddle blanket wont out grow the baby before the baby outgrows the desire to be swaddled. 

Our blanket is also great for toddlers, also! Another bonus is, although it is a larger blanket, it folds up small enough to fit in any diaper bag!


Disclaimer: Do not leave any blanket with sleeping child as it can be a risk for suffocation. 

Customer Reviews

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It’s okay

The bamboo blanket is okay. It’s just fabric though, it doesn’t have any backing. Kind of seems like just a sheet of fabric. Very thin since its just once piece. I don’t mind really since I got it for 50% off but for future I’d definitely get some backing to make it thicker. The print is good.